Well Gedacht Publishing is a Vienna and Berlin based collective founded in 2019, as a spin-off of record label Well Gedacht and dedicates itself to artist publications. They recognize DIY publishing as part of their artistic practice, medium of which may vary from artist books to zines, epub to CDs. Well Gedacht Publishing brings out publications in collaboration with other artists living in Europe as part of diaspora communities.

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You can find some of our books at these bookstores/locations:

Good Press, Glasgow
a.p. Berlin
Motto Books, Berlin
Rosa Wolf, Berlin
Salon für Kunstbuch, Vienna
do you read me?!, Berlin
Robinson Crusoe 389, Istanbul
Ambidexter, Istanbul
Khaos Publishing, Helsinki
Bookartbookshop, London
FiLBooks, Istanbul
3standardstoppage, Beijing
Bruno, Venice
McNally Jackson, NYC
BATT Coop, Paris
Oktabarski Salon, Belgrade
Shopigo - Art , Istanbul (web based platform)
Hopscotch Reading Room, Berlin
The Mosaic Rooms, London
Asia Art Archive, Hong Kong


Vancouver Art Book Fair, 18 Oct. - 26 Oct. 2021 (online)

Fairs and events we previously attended:

Locomotion Magazine - "Departure" at Hopscotch Reading Room Berlin
Ortstermin 21, Berlin 2021
Publishers’ Fair in the Hopscotch Hof, 2021
Arts of the Working Class, Souls for Foods Market, 2021
Fanzineist Vienna 2021 (online)
abC Art Book Fair, Beijing 2021
Glasgow Zine Fest 2021 (online)
Bound Art Book Fair Hypertext 2020 (online)
Indiecon 2020, Hamburg
Zinefest Berlin 2019
Vienna Art Book Fair 2019
Fanzineist Vienna Art Book & Zine Fair 2019

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