Autobahn, Meteoriten, Höhlen, Männerphantasien, Documenta 2
Bibliothek Andreas Züst Journal Contribution

As part of our artist residency in November 2021 at Andreas Züst Library in St. Anton, Switzerland; we made a text contribution to their online journal.

Aşina Projesi
2021-2022, Ankara

Aşina is an artist book publication and distribution project, supporting 6 artists' publications from Turkey. At Aşina, we work as consultants throughout the making and distributing process of the selected publications.

Idea Poll, Misread
2021, Berlin

Idea Poll was published by Miss Read, featuring us among many other independent publishers; some ideas about our publishing practice and more, as a response to the online query Miss Read organized.

Well Gedacht Publishing Kiosk at Ortstermin 2021
28-29 August 2021, Johanniskirche Moabit

Well Gedacht Publishing Kiosk was a temporary nomadic installation for Ortstermin 2021, at the arcades of the Johanniskirche in Moabit, Berlin. At the Kiosk, the visitors could have a look at W.G.P. publications, and download a free-of-charge copy of our ePub zine, via a QR code displayed on the Kiosk's e-ink display.

Book Launch: The View From "No Man's Land" by Firas Shehadeh
16.01.2021, Twitch

We are hosting an irregular radio show on Istanbul-based Root Radio, in rotation with Well Gedacht records. We do readings, play sound works and music.

Well Gedacht Publishing | Root Radio 06/12/2020

Root︱روت · Well Gedacht Publishing | Root Radio 06/12/2020

This episode features a reading of “Oh be dünya varmış / What a relief, there is the world” by Ayfer Kayabıyık, sound work/song “Tiny Shoes” by Mira Thompson, songs from Saadet Türköz’s album “Urumchi” from 2006, alongside other cut-ups and songs.

Well Gedacht Publishing | Root Radio 06/09/2020

Root︱روت · Well Gedacht Publishing | Root Radio 06/09/2020

A mix featuring tracks from Autistic Turn Mini-CD which is based on The Autistic Turn book and other texts read by Andara Shastika, with quotes on neurodiversity.

Well Gedacht Publishing | Root Radio 02/08/2020

Root︱روت · Well Gedacht Publishing | Root Radio 02/08/2020

This episode of Well Gedacht Publishing Radio represents the first attempt at our on-going project on travel, including readings of/by others, accompanied by our texts written for this project, as well as music related to travel and various transportation modes.